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Introducing...Revitalise and Reimagine the Town Pool

Updated: May 3, 2019

The town pool is a symbol of community. To be Australian is to swim and for decades, the swimming tradition has been kept alive by handing down this life skill to the next generation. For regional Australia, vibrant aquatic centres facilitate Learn to Swim programs, house swimming clubs and support population attraction and retention. Just as they have in the past, it is now more vital than ever that councils, with the support of their communities, continue to invest in assets for the future.

"Grow up in Australia and you're just meant to know how to swim" - Benjamin Law, Places We Swim

With an abundance of recreational activities available to communities urban and regional, council-run aquatic facilities often operate below breakeven. Ageing assets become a cost liability for councils and this is where KSM Advisory can help. Our Revitalise and Reimagine program helps your council and/or aquatic centre strategise for the future. Through careful asset planning, management consulting and prioritising what matters to your community, we can help you prepare for the future, together.

To read the full white paper, get in touch with KSM Advisory today: martin@ksmadvisory.com.au


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