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KSM Advisory has a long history of supporting Indigenous communities, corporations and business owners.

Martin believes that business and organisation are a vehicle afforded to owners and members to get what they want; whether that be a financial reward, fulfilling a core purpose, supporting others, creating employment and reward for creating an experience valued by employees and customers. 

Martin is an advocate and supporter for Indigenous business development because he is a champion for a “fair go” and businesses and organisations can be a driver to support economic independence for Indigenous Australians.

KSM Advisory has worked across all areas of the sector including:


  • Delivery of Indigenous Business Australia’s business support program to start-ups and existing business.  Areas service include all Regional and Remote Northern Territory, South Australian including APY Lands, Regional and CBD, Broome, Townsville
  • Industry and Regional Planning
  • Organisational development – governance and planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Assignments auspice by National Indigenous Australian Agency (federal government)
  • Workforce planning
  • Facilitation economic business development forum

Download PDF Biography Martin Pike – Indigenous Business and Economic Development