Get an in-depth understanding of your current business standing and identify opportunities for improvement.
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This is all about the now, developing knowledge about what is critical to the success of your business.

​You aren’t ready to move forward until you know your current position.

​KSM Advisory’s strategic review process is designed specifically for businesses that are in the growth phase and for those facing uncertainty in their operating environments from external sources.

​KSM Advisory will collaborate with your management team, employees, customers, competitors and stakeholders to get a rounded perspective of your current business operations.

​We undertake qualitative market research to gain a deep understanding of how your customers and stakeholders perceive you in terms of quality, competitiveness, and customer service. Then we dig even deeper to explore the thoughts of people whom are important to your business to find out which improvements they value most.

​You and your employees will complete an engagement survey which will inform the underlying capability of your business and your best opportunities for growth.

​KSM Advisory will then assess your financial position and gain an understanding of available resources.

We collate the data and make sense of your current position to then provide tactical and strategic recommendations in an improvement plan for your business.

Time-frame: 3 months

​End-product: Report outlining current position and improvement plan

​How to get the ball rolling: Catch up with Martin for a coffee